Positioning Tips
Positioning Tips

Positioning Tips

Positioning is everything!

As a CopyAI affiliate, your job is to help your audience understand how CopyAI will solve an urgent problem that they have.

👉 The more FOCUSED your positing is, the more sales you will generate as an affiliate.
Here's how to introduce CopyAI to your audience in a way that positions it as a highly valuable solution to an urgent problem...

Step 1: Attention

Get clear on the goals, problems, and needs that they have. Get their attention: Connect, empathize, address an urgent pain that they want to solve.
  • Creating videos and posting them on YouTube is a lot of work, but it means NOTHING if no one watches them.
  • You may have a great product or service, but if your sales page doesn't present it in the right way, then you'll struggle to get people to click the buy button.
  • If you aren't effectively using email marketing in your business, then you may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table every month.

Step 2: Interest

Show them what they need to do to overcome those challenges and reach their goals.
Educate them: Show them what others are doing to succeed. Give them clarity on what they should be doing and how that will help them reach their goal.
  • Optimizing your YouTube video titles and descriptions will help your videos get more views.
  • Using proven copywriting frameworks like "pain-agitate-solution" on your sales page will help you articulate the value of your product or service and may dramatically increase your sales.
  • Adding a follow-up email sequence to your free opt-in will help you build a better relationship with your audience and will make them more likely to buy from you.

Step 3: Desire

Show them how CopyAI will help them do that faster and more effectively.
Introduce a solution: Show them a few ways to solve the problem and position CopyAI as the obvious best choice (which it probably is).
Example solution positioning:
  • Option A: You can spend months or years learning how to write effective sales copy.
  • Option B: You can hire a freelance or full-time copywriter to write personalized copy for you at a rate of $50-$250/hr. This can add up to several thousand dollars per month!
  • Option C: You can get CopyAI and start generating an unlimited amount of personalized copy for your business in seconds by just typing a few words to describe your product or service.

Step 4: Action

Let them know that there is a limited-time 40% off special that they can only get by signing up through your link. This promotion may expire at any time, so it's important for them to sign up today so they can lock in the 40% off discount. If they don't take action now, they may miss out on this deal forever.
Give them a 3-step plan to solve their urgent problem:
  1. Click on the link below to create your free account.
  1. Upgrade to the paid plan within 4 days to claim your 40% off discount.
  1. Use the [VIDEO TITLES] tool in CopyAI to write better [SOLUTION]. Examples: - Use CopyAI's "Video Titles" tool to write better YouTube titles and descriptions so your videos get more views. - Use CopyAI's "Pain-Agitate-Solution" tool to write better sales pages so people understand the value of your products and services and take action. - Use CopyAI's "Catchy Email Subject Lines" tool to write better email sequences so you can build a better relationship with your audience and make more sales.

BONUS TIPS: Keep your messaging clear.

  • What URGENT PROBLEM does CopyAI solve for them?
    • Always make your conversation about THEM.
    • What are they trying to do right now? Market their business? Build their website? Create their email campaign? Post more content on social media? Attract more customers? Craft their brand messaging?
    • Talk directly to their needs by sharing examples and case studies of people like them.
  • How EASY or SIMPLE is CopyAI to use?
    • Don't overwhelm them with EVERYTHING.
    • Get clear on the top 1-3 things they can do with the tool to directly solve their problems.
    • Avoid getting to 'in the weeds' at first. Make sure you emphasize the simplicity, ease of use, and speed of the product.
  • What can CopyAI do that OTHER tools cannot?
    • Unlimited copy for a low monthly price.
    • Unique tools specifically built for entrepreneurs.
    • Uses proven copywriting frameworks to help you write more effective copy.
    • Leverages the most powerful AI technology on the planet backed by Elon Musk.
    • Fast, fun, and simple to use.
  • Connect on an emotional level by sharing the bigger MISSION behind CopyAI.
    • Share what you love about the founders and story behind the company.
    • Share why you were initially drawn to the product. Repeat the story that drew you in.
    • Everyone wants to raise their status and be perceived as a leader. Help your audience understand that using CopyAI will make them a savvy entrepreneur who leverages cutting-edge technology to become more productive and successful.