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Share your link and get paid! 💰

KEEP IT SIMPLE. You don't have to be an expert. You just discovered an awesome new tool that utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to write marketing copy. Share your genuine curiosity and excitement about CopyAI and invite others to try it out for themselves.

3 Quick ways to share your affiliate link RIGHT NOW:

✅ Videos

Record a quick video showing 1-3 of your favorite CopyAI tools.

✅ Screenshots

Take a screenshot of results that you got from CopyAI.

✅ Graphics

Use one of our ready-made graphics and mockup images.

Where to share your link:

  • Send a short private message to 5-10 friends who may like CopyAI and start a fun conversation with them about it.
  • Send an email to your list.
  • Post on your social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, etc)
    • As a post
    • As a story
  • Add it to your website (Resources page).
  • Write a quick blog post.
  • Share it to your communities (in-person and online - groups, forums, etc).
  • Mention it to your friends, family, colleagues, and peers.
  • Discuss it on your podcast.

How to share your link:

  • Show your favorite CopyAI tools.
  • Share your initial reactions to CopyAI.
  • Compare CopyAI to other similar tools.
  • Share how you are using CopyAI and how you recommend others use it. *Talk about the biggest problems it solves. (Creative ideas, saves time, messaging.)
  • Show real examples of how you've used CopyAI to write better copy.
  • Host a multi-day "Content Creation Challenge" to use CopyAI to write copy.
  • Offer to write copy for your audience for free. *Ask your audience for the name of their biz and a short description of their product or service.
  • Let people know that they can get 40% off for a limited time with your link.

Low-cost ways to record videos:

notion image
notion image
notion image
  • Stream live on social media using built-in streaming tools or software like
  • Invite a friend or colleague to hop on a Zoom or Streamyard call with you and record yourself showing them CopyAI and discussing how they can use it for their business.
  • The BEST way to overcome fear and perfectionism is to SCHEDULE a time to go live and promote it to your audience. This gives you a hard deadline to prepare your ideas and also gives you accountability to show up and get it done. Even if no one watches live, you can still repurpose the recording in many ways.
  • Tip: Keep your videos relaxed, fun, and simple. There's no need for high production value. The most important thing is to share your enthusiasm about CopyAI and why you think it's such a powerful tool.

Tips to create compelling CopyAI videos:

Record a short demo or review.

  • Record your screen showing what CopyAI does and why you like it.
  • Share your screen or just record with your phone.
  • Initial reactions (yours and others).
    • Record your own reaction to using a new tool or trying a new concept.
    • Bring on a friend, client, or colleague and record yourself showing them CopyAI for the first time. Ask them for their initial thoughts and reactions. This is also a great way to discuss specific challenges that they have and how CopyAI can help them overcome them.

Share some clear and specific "Wins."

  • Specific ways CopyAI has helped you write better content faster.
    • Show examples of content you've created with CopyAI.
    • Contrast your current results to what you were creating BEFORE you discovered CopyAI.
  • How CopyAI is MAKING you money.
    • Better marketing, more content creation, creative marketing ideas, better communication, etc.
    • Using it for your paying clients to get them better results faster.
  • How CopyAI is SAVING you money.
    • No need to hire a copywriter.
    • Less time learning how to write good copy.

Share your favorite tools and how you use them.

  • Share specific use cases. Example: How to write engaging Instagram posts or how to create an outline for your YouTube video.
  • Show examples of how you have used them for yourself or your clients.

Ways to share your videos:

  • Get your videos in front of as many people as possible.
    • Share your videos on your social profiles with a 1-2 sentence description of what you love about and how it is helping you.
    • Share your demo or review videos on YouTube.
    • Get your video transcribed using or and turn the transcript into a blog article or social post.
  • Share your content consistently and in as many places as you can!
    • Multiply your efforts by sharing your link on your website, emails, social profiles, YouTube videos, and more. Since this technology is so revolutionary, more and more people are looking for guidance on how to use it for their specific needs. If you start consistently sharing helpful content now, you can position yourself as an authority in the AI space. This can help you quickly grow your audience and build multiple streams of income for years to come.
  • Create a "resources" page on your website or create a free PDF download with a list of your favorite tools, products, and services. Be sure to feature prominently on your page!
  • Create a step-by-step written guide with visuals to show ways to use CopyAI.
  • Add your affiliate link to popular blog posts, videos, social posts, or podcast notes that you've created in the past.